Currently Need Greaters in Thailand

Our 3 month Trial in Thailand

After deciding Thailand was the country we wanted to move to, we decided to visit for 3 months for a trial. We originally wrote to the Branch stating that we would be happy to serve where ever there is a need, and they recommended 3 different congregations for us to visit. During our 3 months in Thailand, we visited a few of the recommended congregations, as well as squeezing in some fun too! Our video below gives a really good overview of our time in Thailand. We fell in love with a small group located in Nongbua Lamphu. This group was formed about a year before we arrived. Two couples were asked to move in ┬áto start a congregation here, and they’ve been working diligently ever since. The Kingdomhall is located in the one couples home! This was so exciting to us. You can see a few photos from Nongbua Lamphu’s history below. Right now there are about 10 publishers serving there (mostly need greaters) with a territory of over 500,000 people


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