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Kimmy’s first talk!

Now I can check giving a talk in another language off the bucket list!


So a little bit about my talk: It was a teach the truth part from last week about 1 Corinthians 15:26 (The last enemy, death, will be brought to nothing) Aaron was assigned as my householder so that we could practice together a lot at home…which we did! So how do you start to write a talk in another language?! Fortunately the subject was super easy to use the JW language app!!! Because of the app I was able to write the talk myself, with a little tweaking from another sister. I don’t know what I would do without the app! It’s helping us so much prepare comments and parts for the meetings, presentations for service, and so many other things. So for my talk I started by finding all the sentences that had anything to do with death or God’s Kingdom or the hope for the future. Then I was able to combine different sentences to put something together that made sense. Aaron laughed at how simple all his responses were, but it was the best I could with my two year old level Thai!! Then I took it to a sister who helped me adjust a few things and helped me get all the tones right…maybe haha! I FElt LIKE I was talkING like THIS the whOLE TIME!! but how ever silly I thought I sounded I found this little girls video to keep me going in the right direction!!! How cute is she?? They say its good for us to learn from kids because its easier to pick up on their tones. Adults are much more subtle so it makes it harder to learn from.



So thats it! Everyone said they understood…which I take as the best compliment that could be given! It doesn’t need to be good, it just needs to be understandable! Aaron gave the closing prayer which was really nice, I wish I could have recorded it for you all to hear! But you all will just have to come visit us to hear one for yourself!! 😍  Every one applauded for him too!! I think thats the first time I’ve heard a congregation applause for a prayer haha! Then after the meeting I even got a massage …Thailand definitely has its perks!!!


15 thoughts on “Kimmy’s first talk!”

  • Oh this is SO WONDERFUL!!!!! You did ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! I’m really so impressed!! As I was watching, it brought tears to my eyes how proud I am of you both!!– Jehovah is truly blessing your hard efforts! Keep up the good work!! We love you and will see you soon!

  • Great job Kimmy and Aaron!!!! Jehovah’s continued blessings on both of you. All of your practice and hard work shone through, your speech was very smooth and no hesitation. At least none that I noticed. 555

  • Awwww! Reminds me of when you first joined the Ministry School here in English!!!! Wonderful, Kimmy!! And my heart feels the same joy now as it did then to hear you!! 💛💛 Keep up the good work!!

  • Awesome, you guys! To me you two sounded like natives! Keep up your hard work there and may Jehovah continue to bless your efforts to be a help in that congregation. Love you, Jelle and Lia

  • Kimmy!!! That was soooo good. 🎉🎉👏👏 You have come such a long way since being that giggly girl on our Tile Crew a million years ago. 😉 So proud of you my friend. 😘😘

  • สวัสดี. อนุโมทนา! That was amazing. We can’t believe you gave your first talk after being there for such a short time. You guys really have nerves of steel. You are really putting yourselves out there and the congregation loves you both for it. You can really tell. It’s so nice to see them respond to your efforts. เรารักคุณทั้งสอง.

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