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surviving our first two weeks (barely)


Hello friends and family!! It’s been a busy two weeks, but we are FINALLY starting to settle in! it’s been very overwhelming, dealing with cleaning and setting up our house, (it came with nothing but a couch) re-emerging into the language, handling immigration paperwork, getting sick, and now the visit from our circuit overseer! For those of you who remember me saying “it will be easier when we get there”….I WAS WRONG!!!!! The friends are very happy, though, that we are here, and we had a super nice welcome from the minute we arrived in the airport. The friends have done so much for us to help get things organized and settled. Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks to get everyone up to date!




After a long layover in China, we were so excited to be reunited with our boxes!!! Honestly I think we were both a bit surprised all 4 made it intact!!



We made a quick visit to the Branch in Bangkok before flying off to our new congregation. The branch there is beautiful, and has the most amazing translation team. Most of the time they have literature and videos translated in time to be released the same day as the english publications, something that we are so thankful for as need greaters! We were able to sit down and talk with one of the brothers in the service committee, and he gave us some really great advice on how to be successful serving in an isolated group.



Welcome to our house in Nongbua Lamphu, Thailand! It is a stand alone house, with one large main room, and a separate kitchen and bathroom. We are still in the process of getting everything set up, so I promise to post after pictures as soon as it is all finished!!

And the best part, is if you guys come to visit us, these little guys will great you in our front yard! I know this totally makes you want to come visit us now 😍

The congregation threw a welcoming BBQ for Aaron and I and two other Thai pioneer sisters who moved into to help out. I wanted to share a quick clip of a song one of the bible students wrote and sang about Jehovah. This is just a small representation of what we love about Nongbua Lamphu!


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