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Brandon and the Need greater assembly

So my cousin Brandon came to visit!! We were super excited for him to come visit, not only because he was bringing a few last things we needed for our house (house tour coming soon!) but also because we miss our friends and family SO much! Having him plopped on our couch just like old times finally made nongbua lamphu feel like home!!!!  His visit wasn’t only encouraging to us, but also to our whole group. Being in an isolated group, we spend a lot of time with the SAME people doing the SAME things. When visitors come, they bring fresh ideas, jokes, and games, and it’s appreciated by everyone! 


We had so much fun touring Brandon around our crazy little town, but also introducing him to our new friends! After a week in our town and our crazy meeting I wrote about in our last post, the three of us were off to Bangkok for the English circuit assembly! 

Why is this so special? I’m not sure if many branches do this or not, but in Thailand they hold all the assembly and school programs in Thai, Japanese, and English. Because this country has SO many need greaters, they do this to help encourage us and keep us going. So most of the need greaters in the country fly into Bangkok to attend. This one also happened to be our annual pioneer meeting the day before as well. The programs were AMAZING and it was incredible being with an auditorium full of need greaters serving all around the country!!! We had 399 attend the pioneer meeting, and 908 attend the circuit assembly. It was really cool and almost shocking for me to see how many families with children were at the assembly! I met so many sisters at the pioneer meeting not even realizing they were moms until I met their family the next day. I found it so encouraging to see whole families being able to serve where the need is greater, many of them long term! We were also able to meet older ones who have been serving in Thailand 50+ years! Definitely an encouraging crowd, and really reminded us we are not in this struggle alone! 



Here are some of our favorite points from the program: 

Matthew 6:32 reminds us Jehovah knows what we need. It’s so important for need greaters to remember this scripture because Jehovah can anticipate our individual needs. He knows our dietary restrictions and whether we can handle a “Thai toilet” in our home or not. He knows what we really need to be comfortable in our assignment!

Mark 1:35 reminds us that Jesus got up early in the morning to pray, while it was still dark. At that time of year, the sun rose at 5:30AM. but since it was still dark, he may have gotten up around 4:30-5 AM. But it’s not like he went to bed early the night before… if you look back at verse 32, it was after evening had fallen that he STARTED curing many people. At that time of year the sun set at 7:30. So Jesus probably didn’t go to bed until very late at night. We may be very busy, but Jesus was busy too. Are we making the time to work on our relationship with Jehovah like he did? If not, maybe we need to wake up at 4:30 to do it! 

On reasonableness- when Paul wrote “let your reasonableness become known to all men” to the Philippian congregation, he was under house arrest. He must have missed all his adventures and missionary tours very much, but he wasn’t sitting around planning missionary tours 4,5&6. Instead he readjusted his goals and was reasonable. He found a new way to be encouraging- writing letters. The brother then asked, as a need greater, do you feel handcuffed by learning a new language? Do you feel some of your talents are being wasted while struggling in Thailand? Maybe readjust your thinking- be reasonable and try to encourage in a new way. Set for yourself realistic goals. Then you will see progress and you will be happier. More joy and satisfaction comes from reasonableness serving where ever you are. 

On keeping up a spiritual routine while learning a new language- one brother was interviewed who struggled to maintain personal study when he first moved to Thailand. He felt such pressure to learn the language that all his time went into that. He tried to include language study into family worship to combine them, but it always just ended up being a language lesson. Him and his wife really struggled to maintain their joy. Now that many years later they are beginning to learn a new tribal language, they learned the importance of always being sure to complete personal study before language study. This means sacrificing learning the language fast, but they know maintaining spirituality is more important. We should never take our freedom for study for granted. 

Decisively reject wrong thoughts, including negative thinking! When negetive thoughts linger, they become more powerful. They come form the mind, but can control the body. Decisively rejecting them removes their power. Feed on the mind of Jehovah instead, and make personal study a priority. 

 The organization is made of imperfect people, we will be disappointed at one time or another. One sister was interviewed who was so hurt and upset by the actions of others that it cause her to loose her joy and struggle to go to meetings. Then she read an article that reminded her “a person who does not enjoy his service to Jehovah gives evidence that he lacks appreciation for Jehovah” She felt her loss of joy was disloyalty to Jehovah. She then changed her view of challenges to “surprises from Jehovah” and we know that whatever Jehovah gives us will always be good! 


It was so exciting to see old friends and new! Am, our original thai teacher who started us off has been accepted to SKE!!! We were so excited to be able to see her and give her our cognratulations. We hope to be able to visit her since the school is only two hours from our group. We also got to see Charlie and his wife, the couple who hosted us when we first arrived in Thailand and helped us get settled here! After the assembly we headed off to the islands for a little break…more onthat next! 

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  • Thank you so much for sharing those awesome points from your convention! They are so practical whether you are learning a new language in the country of origin or in our home country. Many of the challenges are the same and things I’ve experienced learning Cambodian here in the US. Maintaining our spirituality is so important and must not be sacrificed for language learning. And having joy in your assignment is so important if you are going to stick with it. Thank you!!

  • its so nice Brandon got to visit!! Must have felt like a little piece of home coming your way. And how encouraging the assembly was!! Thanks for sharing those good points!

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