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House Tour!!!

Hi everyone!!! So many of you have been asking to see pictures of our place, so I finally got around to making a video to show everyone around!! I was waiting for all our “projects” to be done…but let’s face it, that might be never!! So in the mean time, here you go! Incase you don’t remember, here is our “before” picture of what the inside looked like:
















Isn’t our house beautiful?!? But what you don’t see pictured is the thousands of ants crawling everywhere the second you drop a crumb on the floor, the fire ants circling our property ready to attack us, the AC that doesn’t really work that well, the chanting from the nearby temple at 5 in the morning, and the mice/cats/lizards that like to loudly play on our roof. But despite all of that, we  absolutely love it, and it was such a blessing from Jehovah!! It really feels so nice to come home from a crazy day in Thailand to a home that is comfortable and functional, and feels like home! A couple serving in our group was living here when we came to visit last time. Before we left, everyone asked us what kind of home we wanted so they could look for us while we were gone. We told everyone we want something just like Toko and Taka’s! Not to big, not too small, studio style so everything benefits from the AC…Well while we were back in the States Toko and Taka were asked to move to help another congregation, so they called us to see if we wanted to take over their lease for them! We LITERALLY got Toko and Taka’s place!!

Please comment below to let me know what you think!! Can’t wait to see you all when we are home visiting!! It’s come so quickly! love you all!

6 thoughts on “House Tour!!!”

  • Just love your tour!! You’ve really made your place your home! It’s beautiful! And it reflects your personalities. You are making all of us proud by how you make everything work for you and still keeping it simple. Aaron’s building skills are amazing! Love you both and love your new home! Thanks for the tour! ❤❤

  • So happy to see your comfortable house. And very nice to see your enthusiasm and working so hard for Jehovah. The furniture is gorgeous.

  • Kimmy your house is a bohemian Thai paradise! Aaron killed it with his workworking skills. Happy to have you back here in March though! 😁

  • Love your house! We are so happy you got exactly what you asked for, Jehovah really works miracles! Will you be visiting Patterson in March? We would love to see you, maybe have you over to our room, if you have time. Let us know and we can organize a get together. Love you and wish you both Jehovah’s blessings. Jelle and Lia

  • I absolutely love your place and all the handiwork! So awesome. Also super cool that’s you are making the wine for the memorial!

  • I love it!! And I love how Jehovah always gives us what we need to be happy! And most of the time what we want 😉 we are so proud of you guys!

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