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Hey guys!!

Here’s a video we made about our recent visa run to Vietnam! Hope you enjoy it!!! (you better because it took me forever to make!)



We weren’t quite sure what to expect because Vietnam had never been on our radar as a vacation place before moving to Thailand. But since it is a convenient place for visa runs for a lot of need greaters here because it is so close and cheap, we gave it a try! Although very similar to Thailand, Vietnam was still full of suprises and we would definitely recommend it to anyone to go visit!

Since we only had 1 week, we decided to just stick to the north of Vietnam. We flew into Hanoi, but immediately got a connecting flight Da Nang to visit the nearby town of Hoi An. This is a super historic town and perfect for a relaxing few days walking around and taking in Vietnam’s culture. It’s also 20 minutes away from a beautiful beach so this town definitely has it all! My favorite part was getting some custom clothing made SUPER cheap. I was able to design a few dresses and skirts that will be perfect for me here in Thailand. Aaron designed a leather service bag that perfectly fits everything he needs for service here…his dream bag finally became a reality!! Needless to say, we definitely plan on going back! You can have clothing, suits, wool coats, bags, shoes and boots all custom made for you. So many possibilities!!!!!!

After 4 days there, we moved on to the famous Halong Bay. The bad news was that it rained the WHOLE time, so our views were a little less then desired. Also Kayaking in the rain was…not as enjoyable as it could be…however the GOOD news is that we got to go at all! The next day all tours were cancelled due to the storms. Halong bay was really awesome and way more fun then we both expected. Even though we only booked a one day boat trip, 2-3 day cruises in the bay are really popular. If I had to plan things over again, I definitely do a multiple day tour! The views never got boring!!!

We wrapped up our trip with two crazy days in the city of Hanoi. Everything we heard about traffic in Vietnam IS SO TRUE! it’s insane. I was actually a little afraid to go outside. Thankfully we lived to tell about it. But my favorite part of Vietnam were all the mini chairs! living in Thailand we are no strangers to street food, but Vietnam takes it to a far sillier level! everyone sits on the sides walks eating in these short mini chairs. it’s hysterical to see, but come night time you start to understand why as the street get more and more full and hundreds of people are just outside eating and drinking and enjoying life on their little mini chairs.

We hope you en joyed our video!!! Please leave us some comments below! We would love to hear your reactions since we’re not actually there to watch the video with you!! We love and miss you all!!!

Here’s a few of my favorite still shots from the trip:


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  • Ok, reactions! Awe at the amount of people on the streets, walking biking, driving, smoking while driving a minibike, haha, and everyone looks calm unlike here in North Jersey! Smiling at everyone sitting at what we call kid tables and chairs! Laughing at the round boat scenes!! Are they playing music while you are out on the water?? Did you cut in Gangnam Style or were they really playing that?? So many questions! The other tourists made me laugh too. And that train in the middle of the road and houses! Hope everyone knows when the train is coming! Admiring the beauty of the landscapes. Desiring to have those beautiful lanterns!!! They are so pretty. Glad to hear that you could finally get some clothes to fit your American sized. Can’t wait to see pictures! Absolutely LOVED this video!!

    • LOVED THE VIDEO!! so worth the time cuz then u will always have it and what memories and adventures u r having!! Miss u guys BUT sooo happy for u!!

    • haha YES they really did play music! Apparently there is a really popular South Korean party basket boat company that we followed hahaha!!! there are set times for trains so everyone knows when its supposed to come, but they are always late so you are never really sure. this train was about an hour late hahaha. all the kids hear it coming though so they stop playing in the tracks in time

  • I second EVERYTHING your Mom said, observed and questions asked!! I had the same thoughts, so answer away! Oh those lanterns!!!!! I even googled how I could get them here after I saw your still picture last week– you just had to put that in your video again and again to fuel my desire– Uncle Wayne will not thank you for that!!! But what an exposure you are getting to the different cultures of the world!! Every place on Jehovah’s earth has breathtaking scenery and beautiful people!! I am wondering though — when our friends went to Thailand for the special convention, they were told not to wear shorts, only capris because of how that part of the world viewed bare legs — no problems with that??(though you have beautiful legs!!) But so glad you had a great time, the rocking boats would have me sick in 2 sec!!lol!! But also wondering about whether the music was playing or dubbed in. Love you guys, thankyou so much for making a beautiful video for us to share in your travels and “taking us with you!” Miss you loads!!!

    • hahaha sorry aunt tracy!!! those landers ARE stunning! maybe Brandon and Tessa will go one day and bring you back a suitcase full!!!!! or maybe we will just have to go again 😉 and to answer your question I’m sure you have to dress extra conservative when you are a delegate. But personally I wear shorts all the time here in Thailand. I’ts definitely a personal decision but all the Thai girls my age wear shorts so I feel perfectly fine in them. It’s totally normal now with the younger generation. Showing your shoulders though is a different story lol. But in tourist areas I can wear whatever I want. The backpackers hardly wear anything at all so its kind of like anything goes in the tourist spots.

  • You guys are so stinkin adorable! I loved every second of that trip and wish I had more to see. You accomplished your goal of making me want to visit Vietnam, but first I must come see you guys in Thailand! This is a part of the world i never considered visiting but you have surely changed my mind. I love you guys so much and I am so proud of you for being over there and I LOVE every update and video and photo you post so keep them coming. Its so fun to watch you guys in this part of the world becuase you stick out so much. Its hysterical. I love it and I love you both even more! xoxo cat + scott

    • thank you Catherine!!! we are glad you are enjoying it!! and YES! we do stick out like crazy hahaha I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve hit our head on things because we are too tall to fit in the normal walking path of everyone else hahahaha! please do come visit and see for yourself!!! hahaha!! miss you guys!!!!

  • LOVE! LOVE! LOVE that video! You guys are the poster child for #BestLifeEver I think!! Keep up the good work and keep posting so we can live vicariously through you 🙂 Maybe we can come visit sometime!

  • I loved the video! You did an Amazing job!!!!
    I will definitely be contacting you about the custom clothes etc. We plan to make Vietnam one of our Visa runs this time around. 😊

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